Solidity Integrations

  • Generic:

    • EthFiddle
      Solidity IDE in the Browser. Write and share your Solidity code. Uses server-side components.
    • Remix
      Browser-based IDE with integrated compiler and Solidity runtime environment without server-side components.
    • Solium
      Linter to identify and fix style and security issues in Solidity.
    • Solhint
      Solidity linter that provides security, style guide and best practice rules for smart contract validation.
    • Superblocks Lab
      Browser-based IDE. Built-in browser-based VM and Metamask integration (one click deployment to Testnet/Mainnet).
  • Atom:

    • Etheratom
      Plugin for the Atom editor that features syntax highlighting, compilation and a runtime environment (Backend node & VM compatible).
    • Atom Solidity Linter
      Plugin for the Atom editor that provides Solidity linting.
    • Atom Solium Linter
      Configurable Solidty linter for Atom using Solium as a base.
  • Eclipse:

    • YAKINDU Solidity Tools
      Eclipse based IDE. Features context sensitive code completion and help, code navigation, syntax coloring, built in compiler, quick fixes and templates.
  • Emacs:

    • Emacs Solidity
      Plugin for the Emacs editor providing syntax highlighting and compilation error reporting.
  • IntelliJ:

  • Sublime:

  • Vim:

    • Vim Solidity
      Plugin for the Vim editor providing syntax highlighting.
    • Vim Syntastic
      Plugin for the Vim editor providing compile checking.
  • Visual Studio Code:

    • Visual Studio Code extension
      Solidity plugin for Microsoft Visual Studio Code that includes syntax highlighting and the Solidity compiler.


  • Mix IDE
    Qt based IDE for designing, debugging and testing solidity smart contracts.
  • Ethereum Studio
    Specialized web IDE that also provides shell access to a complete Ethereum environment.
  • Visual Studio Extension
    Solidity plugin for Microsoft Visual Studio that includes the Solidity compiler.

Solidity Tools

  • Dapp
    Build tool, package manager, and deployment assistant for Solidity.
  • Solidity REPL
    Try Solidity instantly with a command-line Solidity console.
  • solgraph
    Visualize Solidity control flow and highlight potential security vulnerabilities.
  • Doxity
    Documentation Generator for Solidity.
  • evmdis
    EVM Disassembler that performs static analysis on the bytecode to provide a higher level of abstraction than raw EVM operations.
  • ABI to solidity interface converter
    A script for generating contract interfaces from the ABI of a smart contract.
  • Securify
    Fully automated online static analyzer for smart contracts, providing a security report based on vulnerability patterns.
  • Sūrya
    Utility tool for smart contract systems, offering a number of visual outputs and information about the contracts’ structure. Also supports querying the function call graph.
  • EVM Lab
    Rich tool package to interact with the EVM. Includes a VM, Etherchain API, and a trace-viewer with gas cost display.


Information like variable names, comments, and source code formatting is lost in the compilation process and it is not possible to completely recover the original source code. Decompiling smart contracts to view the original source code might not be possible, or the end result that useful.

Third-Party Solidity Parsers and Grammars